Yeast and other microbial fermenting cultures can be bought from a lab, but they can also be harvested in the wild. They are present on every flower, every fruit and in every breath you take. The most important reason for us to use wild yeasts is that they create a composition of flavours that is unique for our brewery and cannot be found elsewhere. Wild yeasts are also more exciting than cultivated yeast, because you never know exactly what cultures are present on the flowers you've picked, or how they're going to behave in your beer. The results are often quite unpredictable, which is why we constantly test their aroma, flavour and fermenting quality when we are growing them up in our brewery. Only cultures that give good results are allowed in our beer.

Mixed fermented and wild beers are unique in that they cannot be recreated exactly. Each flower, herb and piece of fruit harbours a different set of cultures that will give different flavours. Any beer you drink that was mixed fermented will only taste that way right there and then. We appreciate this quality, because it invites you to discover something new with every beer you drink.