Posted on 15-02-2018 15:07, tags: release

We've kept you waiting for a very long time, and we applaud your patience :-) Today we're finally releasing our wild ales Gloed and Dauw!

Gloed translates as glow, a reference to the intensely red colour of this wild ale. Gloed started out as a saison, to which we added different varieties of organic cherries that we picked in an orchard just outside Nijmegen. The beer was aged on the cherries for 3 months, after which it was transferred to a red wine barrel, where it sat for another 2 months. It is a beautifully balanced, delicately sour and fruity beer, with a soft hoppy bitterness of the underlying saison. The cherry stones give earthy aromas of cinnamon, almond and nuts.
5.6% ABV

Dauw started out as a blend of two identical saisons that we brewed in early May 2017. To this blend we added fresh elderflowers that we picked near the river Waal in Lent. We let it macerate for a day, then strained and transferred the beer to an oak barrel. Here it sat for almost 6 months, allowing the wild yeasts from the flowers to add extra complexity. This beer is funky and tart, with a soft bitterness and amazingly full body. Spicy notes of pepper and coriander seeds are complemented with sweet hints of elderflower and lots of grapefruit in the finish.
5.7% AB

Both beers are extremely limited stock and Gloed is already completely sold out at our brewery. Please contact the following distributors if you wish to buy cases or would like to know where to buy them by the bottle:
- De Bierboetiek (Johan Commandeur,
- The Travelling Nut Amsterdam (Roy Lepoutre,; Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam)
- Bierselect Groningen (Klaas Jan Geertsema,; mostly northern provinces)
- Drankenhandel Nectar (Vincent Post,, Utrecht)