Posted on 15-02-2018 16:37, tags: release

We proudly present the second edition of ERVE, our dryhopped saison with Brettanomyces! For this new batch we chose a subtle palette of locally grown Cascade hops with fresh, citrusy notes that are splashed on a malt base with sweetish hints of biscuit and oatmeal cookies. The strong yeast profile of our wild house culture of grapes gives way to characteristic bretty notes of black pepper in the finish.
5.5% ABV

This week we're also starting distribution of WEDER, our wild ale with gruit that we released last week on International Gruit Day.

Please contact the following distributors if you wish to buy cases of Erve and Weder, or would like to know where to buy them by the bottle:
- De Bierboetiek (Johan Commandeur, )
- The Travelling Nut Amsterdam (Roy Lepoutre, ); Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam)
- A Taste Affair Nederland bv (Oliver Vencken, ); mostly Limburg NL/BE)
- Bierselect Groningen (Klaas Jan Geertsema, ; mostly northern provinces)
- Drankenhandel Nectar (Vincent Post, , Utrecht)

We sell bottles of Erve, Weder and previously released beers at our brewery on Fridays between 12 and 5, or by appointment.