Posted on 11-09-2017 13:01

This morning we picked elderflower on a quiet spot just outside Fort Beneden Lent. These fragrant blossoms grow in abundance in May and June and are incredibly versatile: you can use them to make lemonade, tea, sorbet, vinegar, wine and of course beer. In our case, a nice and dry barrel aged elderflower saison.

Elder trees are good to have around, because they produce edible parts year-round: flowers in spring, elderberries in fall, Jew's ear in winter. Its leaves can be used as an insect repellent in summer. Folk legend has it that Vrouw Holle lives in the elder tree and protects you when you take good care of it. But if you disrespect her home, she will unleash her wrath on you. Not quite sure how she feels about us picking her blossoms...

On days like this we are more than ever grateful for the free gifts that nature offers. We can only repay her by living and brewing as environmentally conscious as possible.