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We proudly present the second edition of ERVE, our dryhopped saison with Brettanomyces! For this new batch we chose a subtle palette of locally grown Cascade hops with fresh, citrusy notes that are splashed on a malt base with sweetish hints of biscuit and oatmeal cookies. The strong yeast profile of our wild house culture of grapes gives way to characteristic bretty notes of black pepper in the finish.
5.5% ABV

This week we're also starting distribution of WEDER, our wild ale with gruit that we released last week on International Gruit Day.

Please contact the following distributors if you wish to buy cases of Erve and Weder, or would like to know where to buy them by the bottle:
- De Bierboetiek (Johan Commandeur, )
- The Travelling Nut Amsterdam (Roy Lepoutre, ); Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam)
- A Taste Affair Nederland bv (Oliver Vencken, ); mostly Limburg NL/BE)
- Bierselect Groningen (Klaas Jan Geertsema, ; mostly northern provinces)
- Drankenhandel Nectar (Vincent Post, , Utrecht)

We sell bottles of Erve, Weder and previously released beers at our brewery on Fridays between 12 and 5, or by appointment.


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On February 1, International Gruit Day, we're releasing our latest beer WEDER, a wild ale with gruit.

Weder is a hazy wild ale that was brewed with locally foraged yarrow, mugwort and myrica gale instead of hops. Mugwort serves as the main bittering ingredient, while yarrow and sweet gale infuse the brew with warm herbal aromas that are reminiscent of eucalyptus and honeyflower. Weder is fermented with kveik, a traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast that creates a full body and fruity notes of pineapple and citrus. Complex, tart flavours combined with medicinal, herbal notes make for a wonderfully surprising and challenging beer!
4,7% ABV

(Information about distribution will be posted next week, together with the release of Erve #2)


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We've kept you waiting for a very long time, and we applaud your patience :-) Today we're finally releasing our wild ales Gloed and Dauw!

Gloed translates as glow, a reference to the intensely red colour of this wild ale. Gloed started out as a saison, to which we added different varieties of organic cherries that we picked in an orchard just outside Nijmegen. The beer was aged on the cherries for 3 months, after which it was transferred to a red wine barrel, where it sat for another 2 months. It is a beautifully balanced, delicately sour and fruity beer, with a soft hoppy bitterness of the underlying saison. The cherry stones give earthy aromas of cinnamon, almond and nuts.
5.6% ABV

Dauw started out as a blend of two identical saisons that we brewed in early May 2017. To this blend we added fresh elderflowers that we picked near the river Waal in Lent. We let it macerate for a day, then strained and transferred the beer to an oak barrel. Here it sat for almost 6 months, allowing the wild yeasts from the flowers to add extra complexity. This beer is funky and tart, with a soft bitterness and amazingly full body. Spicy notes of pepper and coriander seeds are complemented with sweet hints of elderflower and lots of grapefruit in the finish.
5.7% AB

Both beers are extremely limited stock and Gloed is already completely sold out at our brewery. Please contact the following distributors if you wish to buy cases or would like to know where to buy them by the bottle:
- De Bierboetiek (Johan Commandeur,
- The Travelling Nut Amsterdam (Roy Lepoutre,; Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam)
- Bierselect Groningen (Klaas Jan Geertsema,; mostly northern provinces)
- Drankenhandel Nectar (Vincent Post,, Utrecht)


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We are very pleased to announce the long-awaited release of our first bottled beers, and our new labels!

ALM - Saison with annual mugwort
Alm is our dry saison with herbs. For this special first edition we chose an aromatic herb named annual mugwort, which gives refreshing greenish, grassy and citrusy notes and a distinct herbal bitterness. Alm is fermented with our wild house culture of grapes, creating a complex beer with a full body, rich yeast character and slightly funky flavour.
5.9% ABV

WEIDE - Grisette with Spalter Select
Weide is our dryhopped grisette, fermented with our wild house culture of grapes. This first edition is dryhopped with local organic Spalter Select, which gives subtle aromas of grapefruit, lime, honeyflower, watermelon and white pepper. Weide is a refreshing, light, dry, mildly complex and bitter table beer with a relatively low ABV, making this a very approachable and enjoyable beer year-round.
4.2% ABV


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This morning we picked elderflower on a quiet spot just outside Fort Beneden Lent. These fragrant blossoms grow in abundance in May and June and are incredibly versatile: you can use them to make lemonade, tea, sorbet, vinegar, wine and of course beer. In our case, a nice and dry barrel aged elderflower saison.

Elder trees are good to have around, because they produce edible parts year-round: flowers in spring, elderberries in fall, Jew's ear in winter. Its leaves can be used as an insect repellent in summer. Folk legend has it that Vrouw Holle lives in the elder tree and protects you when you take good care of it. But if you disrespect her home, she will unleash her wrath on you. Not quite sure how she feels about us picking her blossoms...

On days like this we are more than ever grateful for the free gifts that nature offers. We can only repay her by living and brewing as environmentally conscious as possible.


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BAST is a mixed fermented ale with birch bark, pine shoots and blackthorn blossom. An ode to the diversity of Dutch forests that are home to many different broad- and needle-leaved trees and countless varieties of bushes.

Pours dark brown with light tartness and earthy, herbal notes.

BAST will be released as part of our events programme for Carnivale Brettanomyces #6. Available in limited quantities at de Bierkoning, de Bierhoeder, de Bierbrigadier and restaurant de Nieuwe Winkel.

Made in collaboration with Brouwerij De Mouterij.