4% ABV;
8.1° Plato
Most recent batch: 19-04-2018
Tags: bitter dry grisette house_culture light mud_king

Dryhopped grisette

Batch #2
This batch is dryhopped with organic Hallertau Blanc, which gives subtle aromas of freshly mowed grass and hay garnished with crisp gooseberries. Light floral notes give the impression of distant fruit trees in bloom. It was fermented with Mud King. Weide is a refreshing, light, dry, mildly complex and bitter table beer with a relatively low ABV, making this a very approachable and enjoyable beer year-round.
Bottled on: 19-04-2018

Batch #1
This first batch is dryhopped with local organic Spalter Select, which gives subtle aromas of grapefruit, lime, honeyflower, watermelon and white pepper. It was fermented with our wild house culture of grapes.
Bottled on: 17-10-2017