5.5% ABV;
10.7° Plato
Most recent batch: 30-08-2018
Tags: barrel-aged dark foraged local mud_king sour

Barrel-aged Bière de Garde with Willow Bark

Batch #1
After an autumn forest walk through swirling leaves and drops of rain, nothing feels better than throwing off your shoes and nestling in front of the fireplace with a glass of Sintel! This barrel-aged bière de garde was brewed with toasted willow bark for soft notes of brown sugar and clove that gently complement its smooth caramel-like maltiness. It was aged on oak for 8 months, creating a hint of vanilla from the wood. We fermented it with Mud King, a blend of wild yeasts from all over the world that composed extraordinarily fruity aromas in this beer. Sintel has a tinge of sourness and a mild bitterness that reflects the tannins of the willow bark. Its silky finish makes for a truly memorable experience.
Bottled on: 30-08-2018