6.2% ABV;
10.9° Plato
Most recent batch: 25-07-2018
Tags: barrel-aged foraged fruit golden_sour herbal local sour

Barrel-aged Golden Sour with Rhubarb and Blackcurrant Leaf

Batch #1
Meander is a barrel-aged golden sour with a soft, savoury bite of rhubarb that pairs exceptionally well with the red fruity aromas of blackcurrant leaf. An exciting, winelike, almost 'pfefferlich' beer that offers notes of green pepper, paprika and elderflower. Drinking Meander is like taking a summer evening stroll in a vegetable garden and being greeted by the many different scents of fruits, vegetables and flowers that grow there. Walking around, all these scents flow into one another like a river that glides through the countryside. Meander is a wonderful treat for the senses and one of the most spectacular drinking experiences we've offered so far.
Bottled on: 25-07-2018