5.6% ABV;
10.9° Plato
Most recent batch: 01-11-2017
Tags: barrel-aged foraged fruit local sour wild_ale

Wild ale with cherries

Batch #1
Gloed translates as glow, a reference to the intensely red colour of this wild ale. Gloed started out as a saison, to which we added different varieties of organic cherries that we picked in an orchard just outside Nijmegen. The beer was aged on the cherries for 3 months, after which it was transferred to a red wine barrel, where it sat for another 2 months. It is a beautifully balanced, delicately sour and fruity beer, with a soft hoppy bitterness of the underlying saison. The cherry stones give earthy aromas of cinnamon, almond and nuts.
Bottled on: 01-11-2017