5.7% ABV;
11.3° Plato
Most recent batch: 09-04-2018
Tags: ancient_grains blend collab golden_sour sour wild_ale

Wild ale with tepache (pineapple, habañero pepper, ginger)

Batch #1
Exotic ingredients are not normally found in our beers, but for this collab with White Stork from Bulgaria we let go of our boundaries. The basis of this beer is a blend of a golden sour with raw Bulgarian primal grain (limet) and a quick kettle sour with sourdough cultures from restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel. To this blend we added homemade tepache (a fermented drink) with organic pineapple, ginger and habañero chillies from Chilli Hills Farm near Sofia, the hometown of White Stork. This beer balances fresh, juicy fruit with subtle hopbitters and a slightly spicy aftertaste. The wild yeasts give this beer an exciting funky touch. Challenging and thirst-quenching!
Bottled on: 09-04-2018