5.5% ABV;
10.85° Plato
Most recent batch: 15-03-2018
Tags: dry herbal house_culture local saison

Saison with herbs

Batch #2
This second batch is flavoured with dried annual mugwort, which gives herbal, grassy and citrusy notes. It is fermented with our wild house culture Grape King, creating fruity notes and a classic Belgian saison character that pairs well with its full-bodied maltiness. A rich, dry and mildly bitter beer with soft complexity and a good dose of barnyard funk.
Bottled on: 15-03-2018

Batch #1
The first batch is flavoured with foraged annual mugwort, which gives refreshing greenish, grassy and citrusy notes and a distinct herbal bitterness. It is fermented with our wild house culture of grapes, creating a complex dry beer with a full body, rich yeast character and slightly funky flavour.
Bottled on: 10-10-2017